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My name is Valerie Garner,  welcome to my watercolor painting blog.   I am a self-taught watercolor artist and this is an online gallery of my work.

I’ve always had a strong creative bent to who I was, even in childhood trying various projects and mediums.  I had a love of learning, of color and working with my hands since then.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest area of the United States where the beauty of nature surrounds us and gives much inspiration.

Here are a couple of samples of my work, but please look around the site to see more.

Icy Rose Watercolor Painting

Tuscan Portal Art Watercolor
Tuscan Portal Art Watercolor

Several years ago, I got serious into photography fine art prints in that medium.  Feel free to check out my artwork of that medium that is also for sale.  My work has been published and I had the privilege of having my photography represented at an art gallery in Seattle, called Warren Knapp Art Gallery.

Photography helped my artistic perspective grow and change.  It ignited even further, a desire to learn to paint with watercolor, something I had always wanted to do, but there was always a reason (so I thought), not to.

Finally, I dived in, reading, studying and practicing on everything I could get my hands on watercolor.  I was hooked!  I love the medium of watercolor, the fluidity it provides, a degree of unpredictability, the look of soft pastels or strong and bold looks.  I love the affect of adding several layers of different washes and textures, to see the moment when a painting “pops”.

In general my style is quite eclectic, although it is definitely in realism or realistic type style. I grew up in a small town so I have a love of rural life, doors and windows, garden or floral, and anything else that catches my eye at the moment.

Fine art prints can be ordered of my watercolor paintings through my link for each painting on this site.   The buyer chooses the size and quantity, and which medium they want it in.  The options are:  canvas prints, art prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints or greeting cards.  This is my Fine Art America store that handles the physical printing, assembly and shipping of my artwork to your door.

All my watercolor paintings are done on archival watercolor paper and sealed with a UV protectant.   You would still want to take care of your artwork however by not letting it get wet, and keeping it displayed out of direct sunlight.

My original artworks are also for sale (unless otherwise noted). To purchase the original painting, please contact me directly by email at:  vrg722 at  (instead of the word at, please use @).  It will come with a certificate of authenticity.

I prefer to ship these unframed, so the buyer can choose the mat and frames that best suit their décor.   However, if someone prefers me to frame it and ship it, I can do that as well.  Prices quoted on the site are for the originals, unframed.  Payment via paypal is accepted.

Thanks for visiting.  Please check back often to see new work added.  Feel free to facebook, google1+ or pinterest my work.


Valerie Garner